Questions on the Achebe interview

Read the interview in the previous post and answer the following questions:

–         Achebe quotes the proverb: “until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.” What does he mean by it?

–          What is the main lesson that Achebe draws from his studies at the English department?

–          What are Achebe’s views on translation of his works into the Igbo language?

–          What are Achebe’s views on the writing process?

–          What is the role, if any, of the writer as a public intellectual?

–          Is there a tension between aesthetics and political engagement?

–          What does he say about his representations of women in his novels?


One thought on “Questions on the Achebe interview

  1. I find this interview very interesting, because it shows Achebe’s views very well and covers many aspects of his life and work.
    Just some awsners:
    lion proverb: one of his main themes: giving the colonized people an own voice in literature/history, to show their point of view and to let everyone see, that they are not the wild savages as they are portrayed in many white colonialist books
    translation: difficult, because there are to many different dialects and he doesn’t want to use the norm Igbo, because it orientates on a bible translation of a white man who collected dialects and invented the standard
    writing process: writing is like wrestling, not easy but can be fun. the characters lead the way through the story, the main idea is developed, but the detaisl grow with the book

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