Lecture 1 slides: Chinua Achebe Lecture 1_Presentation

Lecture 2 slides: Chinua Achebe Lecture 2_Presentation

Lecture 3 slides: Chinua Achebe Lecture 3_Presentation

Lecture 4 slides: Chinua Achebe Lecture 4_Presentation

Lecture 5 slides: Chinua Achebe Lecture 5_Presentation

Lecture 6_7 slides: Chinua Achebe Lecture 6_7_Presentation

Lecture 8 slides: Chinua Achebe Lecture 8_Presentation

Lecture 9 slides: Chinua Achebe Lecture 9_Presentation

Lecture 10 slides: Chinua Achebe Lecture 10_Presentation




2 thoughts on “Slides

  1. For me the truth of fiction lies in the ability of the author, to tell a fictional story – which should never pretend to be true – so vivid and thrilling for the reader, that it appears real, although it is “only” fictional. This happens by depicting a story by protagonists taken from real life, set in a traceable context with the goal to evoke strong emotions in the reader to understand a certain conflict, event, feelings etc. Thus fiction can transmit a greater truth than a documentary article for instance.

    • Can fiction/imagination be dangerous?
      To answer this question is has to be distinguished for whom fiction can be dangerous. In the first case it is the author who writes critical fiction to point out the socio-political situation of his people in a dictatorial state and endangers his career as an author wanting to be published to reach readers and earn his life or he even perils his life. In the second case it is the reader who can get morally harmed by reading bad literature, which was written intended to spread racist ideas, hate etc. by pretending to be entitled to do this. You can find this sort of negative and thus dangerous literature also in authoritarian states or institutions, if you think of religious groups or right wing parties.

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